From food waste to deforestation – ALDI Denmark is committed to improving sustainability

From food waste to deforestation – ALDI Denmark is committed to improving sustainability

ALDI Denmark’s commitment to sustainability results in 100 per cent of stores having food waste partners, improved animal welfare, and sector partnerships to fight deforestation.

ALDI Denmark focuses on combating food waste and works with various partners to achieve this goal. All Danish stores have sold Lucky Bags with fruit and vegetables in collaboration with Too Good To Go since 2020. As the bake-off category often generates a lot of food waste, we worked with Too Good to Go to test Lucky Bags on this range. After the successful test phase had been carried out in 23 stores throughout 2021, when we sold over 1,800 Lucky Bags, we introduced this concept in all stores from February 2022.

We also reduced food waste by donating leftovers to groups in need as we collaborate with charities such as 'stop waste locally' (Stop Spild Lokalt) and the Ringgaard association (Foreningen Ringgaard).

We are continuously expanding our range of responsible products labelled according to national standards such as the Keyhole, the Whole Grain Initiative, organic labels, and the official government label Better Animal Welfare (Bedre Dyrevelfærd). In 2021, we launched our own-brand product line, Vegan Time, with 18 different products so as to offer our customers plant-based dairy and meat alternatives. All fresh chicken products in Denmark were switched to the slow-growing Ranger Gold chicken breed in 2020, which ensures better husbandry conditions. All products are labelled with the Danish animal welfare label.

Since 2018, ALDI Denmark has worked closely with the Danish chapter of Save the Children. As a main sponsor in 2021, we and our customers donated more than 173,000 euros. ALDI Denmark donated money and goods for Save the Children summer camps and the Save the Children cycling team.

Our highlights

100 %

of stores work with food-waste partners

All our stores work with Too Good To Go (TGTG) and sell Lucky Bags with fruit and vegetables, and with bake-off goods. 28% of our stores currently have a donation partner.

100 %

compensation for our indirect soy use

We are an active member of DIEH (Danish Initiative for Ethical Trade), which works across sectors to prevent deforestation as a result of soy and palm oil. In 2021, we compensated for 100% of our indirect soy use through credits.

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